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Hi We Are

Bulletproofmediaconcepts is a part of Bulletproof Media Group, a conglomerate of internet video publishers and “Life improvement” companies. We combine our expertise in Storytelling, Branding, Marketing and Data into – video productions. From A to Z.

We Support You

We believe every great company should have the opportunity to experience what is like to really “Get your message across in the most engaging and humanly possible way.” To hit a home-run. With unique stories, unique branding and marketing strategies and leverage of data.

Why unique?

As we are part of Bulletproof Media Group we are therefor also owners of brands and internet platforms ourselves. Together we operate in the online market space with deep data insights. This all because of the broad range of target audiences that our own 6 internet platforms serve. In fact, because of this: “We understand your challenges better then 95% of the crowded marketed space of video-production that we operate in.”

Let Magic happen

When we believe in your product, your goals and why you can make a difference.
make magic happen with our unique BulletProof Methodology designed to support you.”


The lifeline of every great campaign, production, product or even company. You have a story and we bring it across.

Branding and Marketing

No business can thrive without these set in stone. We help you translate this to video.


Easy to overlook, but connecting to real humans is what it's all about.

A strategy locked-in

Sorry to say. But once a strategy is set in place. In your best interest, we do not deviate.

Why The Bulletproof Methodology Matters?

You’re successful so don’t need people to tell you how to build your product, run your business or who your customers are.

Likewise and with all respect: we don’t need you to tell us how to do what’s in the DNA of our people.

So with The BulletProof Methodology we
make sure we both do what we do best and this benefits the end result. 

Principal - Develop respect and coherence

In the ideal world we would simply do a brain upload of all the experience that our people build up over the many years in Storytelling, Branding, Marketing, Data and video production and your people would have the best of both worlds. Sadly this is not possible. With the BulletProof Methodology we mimic this and create coherence between both fields of expertise in the shortest possible way. This comes down to mutual respect between both our staff members. Respect of each others core competence and trust in the process.

Principal - Use the right methods

In getting from A to Z you have to be able to know when to use what method of Storytelling or even Cinematic techniques for that matter. The problem is that there are so many methods to understand when it comes down to engaging media concepts and video productions. So key is what method to use in which situation. The BulletProof Methodology guides us through this process.

Principal - Data insights

To achieve maximum results you have to create leverage. Using data insights as much as possible and at the same time ignoring data will be the challenge to overcome. The BulletProof Methodology again is our default go-to place.

The Bulletproof Methodology


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“There are three classes of people:

those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.”

-Leonardo da Vinci-

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Our Company

Why BulletProof Media Concepts?

By sheer necessity and by learning it the hard way our people had to become BulletProof ourselves.

We all have been there: Not staying true to storytelling-, media-, branding-, marketing, cinematic concepts that we specifically developed for clients with their customers in mind. But then.. the inevitable happens. Make some changes here, there, please include this, that and before you know it
– ” You don’t get the best of both worlds, but meet halfway” –
Of course the client is still happy because of the end result. But inside our creatives they all know it. It could have been better if there simply was a way to stay truth to their creative gifts and at the same time they would have been able to let the client do what they do best.

These insights now serve us well and is the foundation on which this company and The Bulletproof Methodology is build. This is part of the process of becoming Bulletproof.

We Are BulletProof at

Innovation, Creativity, Strategy

Basically the soul of our company.

Branding, Marketing, Sales

The engine of our company.

Process, Creation and Product

The attitude of our company.

Data insights

The thermometer of our company

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